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A Few Thoughts on Righteous Minds and Religious Liberty

I believe it was Austin Powers’ father Nigel who once remarked, “There are only two things I can’t stand in this world. People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures… and the Dutch.” That movie came out while I was in college, and the joke struck a chord. Having been educated in proudly ‘progressive’ institutions, […]

Spoiler Alert! Reading the Gospels from Back to Front

I can’t tell you how many times in the past couple of months I’ve been in a conversation with friends talking about The Wire when the threat of a “spoiler alert” intrusively rears its head. This happens mostly out of necessity; I have previously learned of the death of a much-beloved character when my friend […]

Each Interaction an Occasion for Performance

Goodness gracious! Have you had the chance to read Stanley Fish’s astounding personal reflection in The NY Times, “My Life Report”? He wrote it in response to an assignment that colleague David Brooks gave him and a bunch of other septugenarians, asking them to report on their lives: what they have and haven’t done well, […]

Narrative and the Grace of God: The New ‘True Grit’

Stanley Fish is doing our job for us over on the New York Times Online OpEd Section. Fish, an academic known for his postmodern literary criticism (think interpretive communities) and guest writer for the NYT, wrote a piece entitled Narrative and the Grace of God: The New ‘True Grit’ which sounds like something Nick Lannon […]

Stanley Fish: Are There Secular Reasons?

A provocative post over at the NY Times from Stanley Fish – quickly becoming our favorite contributor over there – discussing Steven Smith’s forthcoming book The Disenchantment Of Secular Discourse. Fish uses the book as an occasion to drill down into the (often false) dichotomy between public/private, secular/religious discourse. Though perhaps not exactly breaking news […]

Another Week Ends: Pandoran Pantheism, Tissot’s NT, Stanley Fish, Closeted Christians, Films of The Decade

1. Ross Douthat in the NY Times echoed what many have been saying about the “message” of Avatar. For the record, it doesn’t make me want to see it any less (ht JS): It’s fitting that James Cameron’s “Avatar” arrived in theaters at Christmastime. Like the holiday season itself, the science fiction epic is a […]

Director John Hughes has Died

A legend died Thursday in New York. 59 year-old writer and film director John Hughes suffered a heart attack while he was taking a walk in Manhattan. You can read the report here. Hughes was in many ways the voice of teen consciousness during the 1980s. His movies include the modern classics of Sixteen Candles, […]

Another Week Ends: Dylan, Niebuhr, Star Trek, Stanley Fish and Green Day

1. Bob Dylan’s new record, Together Through Life, has left me a bit cold, which I’m chalking up to the fact that the lyrics were written with Robert Hunter (of Grateful Dead fame). But in his recent Rolling Stone interview, the master offered some characteristically profound thoughts on his identity: “I’ve never seen [Martin Scorsese’s […]

4.5 Links 4 The Weekend

1. This weekend sees the release of the comedy I Love You, Man, starring Jason Segel and Paul Rudd. Having been a serious Segel fan since his days on Freaks And Geeks (top-five TV series ever!), I am considerably more excited for his next project – writing and producing the new Muppet movie. An early […]