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Another Week Ends: Helpful Selves, Happy Meanings, Simple Saints, Good Bishops, Beloved Zombies and Portland Missionaries

1. Kathryn Schulz (of Being Wrong fame) wrote an article for New York Magazine that’ll get your motors running, “The Self in Self-Help.” It’s a bit of a conceptual quagmire to be honest, esp for those of us who consider God to be more than a metaphor, but it’s also pretty fun. Positively jammed with […]

Preach Tim Tebow Always…Use Words When Necessary

This story is actually from November of last year, but just came to my attention now, brought on by the recent Brady Quinn/Tim Tebow flap.  For those not in the know, GQ Magazine recently ran an oral history of last year’s Denver Broncos season called The Year of Magical Stinking.  In it, many of Tebow’s […]

Franny and Zooey and the Son of God Who Throws Tables Around

Why did no one ever tell me that Franny and Zooey was all about Jesus? I feel duped. But at least I have a new favorite book… and an even deeper appreciation for The Royal Tenenbaums. Here are a few of the many memorable quotes on the subject of, you know, Our Lord in Salinger’s […]

Another Week Ends: Facebook Activism, St Francis, Riverside Church and, yes, Michael Jackson

So much great stuff sent our way in the past couple days, we just couldn’t leave town for the holiday without posting some of it: 1. A fascinating article in today’s Washington Post entitled Facebook’s Easy Virtue: ‘Click-Through Activism’ Broad But Fleeting (ht Stamper). A few choice quotes: “[Iranian student Neda Agha Soltan] showed up […]