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Get on the Bus: Fatherhood, Vulnerability, Redemption, and Grace

At the heart of Spike Lee’s travelogue Get on the Bus is a message that politics can’t save our communities. Ultimately, we need dads to be dads to their kids, whatever that looks like. Though he tends to lean left in his politics, this rarely touted 1996 film retains a fairly conservative message that “it […]

Quarantine, Netflix, and Bittersweet Memories of Bernie Mac

A couple of months ago, my big brother wanted to do a movie night replete with Miller High Life and the kind of fraternal bonding that can only take place in the midnight hour. Then, the kids are asleep, the challenges of marriage and parenting are momentarily put on pause, and two brothers who are […]

Hope, Humor, and the Healing We Need Right Now

Our best hope right now just might be humor. Recent events have reminded us that racism is one of the uglier elephants in the room: a festering disease we have swept under the rug for years and dealt with superficially at best; an unresolved issue exacerbated by our unwillingness to come to the table and […]