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A Sentence – Julia Hartwig

I depend on the sentence On a stop that seeks form
as orderly and modest as everyday speech
Everything in me awaits the moment when a shape
encloses the shapelessness where it was suspended
I suffer gently but persistently the pain of uncertainty
the dissolution of feelings and thoughts in which I live
as in a diluted space

It doesn’t hinder me from admiring the linden branches
spread wide behind the window the screech of a magpie
annoying and blessed because it exists
it doesn’t hinder me from taking in the heat
of this dry and tragic summer
But a sentence a reliable sentence
restores under my feet the firm earth

Buddy Miller and the Faith from Desolation

For those who have not given ear to Buddy and Julie Miller, here’s the recommendation. Start with either of these two albums. Both have startlingly strong voices, and have worked with the likes of Lucinda Williams, Emmylou Harris, and Steve Earle. Currently he’s just co-produced Robert Plant’s new record with his “Band of Joy” project. […]

March Playlist

Last music-related post for a while, I promise: 1. Blast Off! – Rivers Cuomo2. Distant Dreamer – Duffy3. Nothing To Hide – Tommy James4. Waving Flags – British Sea Power5. Cancel Everything – Ron Wood6. Idle Hands – The Gutter Twins7. Last Train To London – ELO8. Killing The Blues – Robert Plant and Alison […]