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Another Week Ends: Normcore,, Colbert’s Late Show Prospects, Post-Grad Advice, and “I Love You, Buts”

Real quick before we get going: Conference recordings should be up early next week! Videos will roll out gradually after that. Also, we’ve pulled Eden and Afterward to make some final changes. Look for a release announcement in the next ten days. 1) Even getting out of the game is part of the game, now. […]

Destined for God-Knows-Where: A Review of Mark Galli’s God Wins

God is all-powerful, and God desires the salvation of every person.  Does God get what God wants? This arresting sentiment from Rob Bell’s controversial Love Wins forms a basis for Bell’s implicit – albeit unstated – universalism. Of course God gets what God wants, but even Bell recognizes that God’s desires and inner motives are […]

Another Week Ends: Drunken Churches, Wild Corazons, Chris Paul Forgives, Grief Laws, Muppet Rarities & Herzog’s Cave

1. A couple of addiction-related articles worth drawing your attention to this week. The first is The NY Times article about the now infamous St Anthony Residence, a so-called “wet house” in St. Paul where alcoholics are given shelter while drinking themselves to death. Plenty of food/drink for thought. The second is a short essay […]

Another Week Ends: Japan, Facebook & Divorce, Preschool Litigation, more Galli on B(h)ell, The Beach Boys’ Smile, Community

1. Two very moving additions to the coverage of the disasters in Japan. First, if you can decipher the google-translation, there’s the story of a woman who sacrificed her life to warn a village of the impending destruction here. And two, the footage that made this all very real to yours truly. If it doesn’t […]

Another Week Ends: Galli on B(h)ell, Growing Up Catholic, Secret Millionaires, Immortal Billionaires, Lillian Roth, Mixed Signals and Nicolas Cage

1. If you’ve been scratching your head over the whole “Rob Bell universalism” uproar this past week, conference speaker Mark Galli will set you straight with this charitable overview of how the topic of Hell has been dealt with over the centuries. Suffice it to say, there’s nothing new under the sun, and the outcry […]