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Another Week Ends: Secret Auden, Eagleton Deicide, Remembering Wes, Method Acting, True Detective, and Russian Tourist Tips

1. Holy smokes! Have you read Edward Mendelson’s “The Secret Auden” in the NY Review of Books?! If not, run don’t walk. It’s a jaw-dropping, incredibly inspiring catalog of the clandestine episodes of grace initiated by our all-time favorite Wystan–about as honest a Matthew 6:5 vibe as I’ve come across in ages. Lest these remarkable […]

Take the Carbon, Leave the Bible: Some Thoughts on Moonrise Kingdom

There’s a great moment in the fake Italian talk show interview with Wes Anderson and his co-screenwriter Noah Baumbach that’s included on the Criterion edition of The Life Aquatic. Following a series of hilariously awkward and absurd exchanges, the (ridiculous) host asks the director point-blank if he believes in God. Wes answers, “Eh, I think […]