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Frannie Lebowitz on Revenge, Forgiveness and Christianity

It’s hard to say whether Martin Scorsese’s documentary about writer/humorist/public intellectual Frannie Lebowitz, Public Speaking, was the best documentary of 2010, or whether Frannie was simply the most interesting documentary subject of 2010. And I’m not sure it matters. The film is a non-stop delight because she is a non-stop delight, spewing witticism after witticism, […]

Joan Rivers Just Wants To Be Loved

After reading one glowing review too many, I reluctantly watched the new documentary about Joan Rivers this week, A Piece of Work. It’s filthy and more than a little disturbing – I certainly don’t feel comfortable recommending it – but it’s also about as unflinching in its honesty about show business, aging, career and, to […]