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Another Week Ends: Shameful Leggings, Artificial Intimacy, Gangs of Ecuador, Obituaries for the Cancelled, and Why We Procrastinate

It’s been #Seculosity Week if you’ve been following us on social media, with interviews and op-eds popping up all over the place. Check out DZ’s interviews with Mbird friend Scott Jones over on the Give and Take podcast, and the 1517 crew’s Banned Books podcast. And in the ICYMI category, #Seculosity made the Washington Post last […]

The Best Natural Disaster There Is? In Praise of Blizzards

The psychology around snow days is fascinating. Blizzards especially, like the one we experienced in Virginia over the weekend. For all they cover up, a massive snowstorm also exposes some less-than-fluffy sides of our species and culture. If you’re like me, the snow days of childhood are cloaked in soft-focused wonder and excitement. A break […]

Stop Procrastinating (Right Now!)

I meant to have this post up first thing in the morning. What happened? An email here, a phone call there–the trailer for the new P.T. Anderson film (with Joaquin Phoenix channeling Dennis Wilson!) isn’t going to watch itself–and here we are, late-afternoon. The feeling is not a good one. It sounds so silly on […]

Another Week Ends: 9/11, Emasculated Sitcoms, 4-Hour Soul, Open Source Christians, Watch the Throne, Wilco & more Procrastination

1. The Internet Monk invited us to do a guest post on 9/11 this week, and RJ Heijmen, Mbird contributor and head honcho at St Paul’s in NYC, took up the gauntlet. His reflection is entitled “In Love’s Service Only Wounded Soldiers Can Serve,” and it’s very much worth your time, and not only because […]

How to Outsmart Yourself: Predicting Procrastination and the War Inside Your Brain

A stellar article that’s been making the rounds recently is “On Procrastination” by David McRaney from the You Are Not So Smart blog (Tagline: “A Celebration of Self Delusion”!). We’ve talked about the Netflix queue phenomenon on here before as evidence of the disconnect, or discrepancy, between who we’d like to be and who we […]