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Populist, Piggishly Nostalgic Do-It-Yourselfers: Our Pictures of Ourselves in 2011

The Atlantic has always done a splendid job with immediate meta-cognition, at taking a few steps back from the cogs of the e’er-turning world “spinning madly on,” and communicating not only what’s going on, but what’s going on behind what’s, uh, going on. It’s hard not to celebrate journalism that is doing this kind of […]

Winners, Losers, Zuccotti Park and Jesus (of Nazareth)

Tony Perkins’ recent column is a “Who Would Jesus Support?” look at the Occupy movement.  (He’s not the first to this fight.) His title says it all: “Jesus was a free-marketer, not an Occupier.” As the piece has made the obligatory rounds on the Interweb lately, it has elicited the predictable outrage from the […]

Can You Guys Keep It Down Out There? I Can Barely Hear My Self-Condemnation

I don’t know about you but I’ve had protesters occupying my mind, off and on, for over 30 years now.  YOU’LL NEVER HAVE A CAREER…YOU’RE NOT THAT SMART…YOU BETTER GET SOBER… SHE’S NEVER GOING TO LOVE YOU… THE PAIN WILL END IF YOU END. Those are the kinds of homemade signs I see, the sort […]