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Noel Gallagher Brings it on Down to Pressure Pressure Pressure

Leave it to Noel Gallagher. The man is not only an open book, he’s an open page-turner. That is, interviews with the erstwhile Oasis songwriter are rarely boring – Noel was Russell Brand’s inspiration for the half-outrageous/half-outrageously wise Aldous Snow after all – and with his first solo album on the horizon, they’ve been easy […]

Christoph Blumhardt on the History of God’s Help

Taken from Christoph Blumhardt and his Message, pg 98: “The history of God’s help is shown in deeds which we have done nothing to bring about. When the day comes that we are in the kingdom of heaven and when the last jolt has come, we will be surprised, if we look back once more, […]

What Noel Gallagher Is Not Supposed To Feel

It’s high time we reappraised Oasis’ fourth album, the grammatically suspect Standing on the Shoulder of Giants. When it was released in 2000, the expectations were astronomical. Oasis were still the biggest band in the (rest of the) world, but facing a crossroads. The question of how to follow-up the relative “failure” of Be Here […]

2009 Christmas Playlist (And Presents)

A little on the late side, but nonetheless yule-rific! 1. The Christmas Song – The Raveonettes 2. Just Like Christmas – Low 3. O Holy Night – Duvall 4. Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight) – The Ramones 5. Child’s Christmas In Wales – John Cale 6. Christmas Must Be Tonight – The […]

September Playlist

1. Old White Lincoln – The Gaslight Anthem 2. It’s All True – The Lemonheads 3. Don’t Go Away – Oasis 4. Hey Bulldog [mono] – The Beatles 5. Psalms 40:2 – The Mountain Goats 6. Bless This Mess – David Bazan 7. Jena & Jimmy – Derek Webb 8. True Love 1980 – Ash […]

"Who Am I?" – A Look at Anthropology

This week I wanted to join Derek Zoolander and ask the question, “Who am I?” By getting a little existential on you I hope to highlight one of, if not the, foundational building blocks for understanding the Christian Gospel which this blog continuously upholds. It is our anthropology. Classically defined Anthropology means “the study of […]

August Playlist

This one’s even more retro than normal. Blame it on the vinyl! 1. Down By The Lazy River – The Osmonds 2. Part Of The Queue – Oasis 3. The Obvious Child – Paul Simon 4. (Terry) Who’re You Gonna Marry? – Paul Westerberg 5. Massachusetts – The Bee Gees 6. Georgia – Boz Scaggs […]