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When a Cleanse Is More Than Just a Cleanse

Well, this is about as interesting as it gets, especially during a season that so revolves around food. In the past 48 hours, I’ve been forwarded not one but four separate articles about the religiosity inherent in the juice cleanse phenomenon. It would appear that, after receding for a number of years following the boom in […]

Another Week Ends: Mad Men, Glee, Gladwell on Xmas, Atheists, The Rodfather, Supermodels, TK and One Step Beyond

1. In Television. Part 2 of The Daily Beast’s interview with Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner contained another smattering of gems, including [Spoiler alert, ht Ron Flowers]: The Daily Beast: Is the [JFK] assassination the event that finally pushes Betty away and into the arms of Henry Francis (Christopher Stanley)? Weiner: Henry was the only […]