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Another Week Ends: NeuroLewis and NeuroClark, Common Enemies, Absent Fathers, Zombie Fiction, Jarvis Cocker, Noel Gallagher, Sacred Facial Hair and Pixar

1. Another superb volley in David Brooks’ crusade for a more compassionate view of human fallibility appeared in The NY Times this week, “Who You Are,” in which he salutes Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman’s invaluable contribution to social psychology. Brooks goes so far as to call Kahneman and his research partner Amos Tversky, “the […]

October Playlist

With a little help this time from SVC:

  1. Total Serendipity – Mates of State
  2. Sydney (I’ll Come Running) – Brett Dennen
  3. Avenging Annie – Andy Pratt
  4. Me and Bobby McGee – Willie Nelson
  5. Arms Like Boulders – The War on Drugs
  6. Nothing But Our Love – Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr
  7. That’s The Way Love Goes – Lindsey Buckingham
  8. Hero Takes a Fall – The Bangles
  9. When I Was a Boy – The Who
  10. I Can’t Explain – David Bowie
  11. If I Had a Gun… – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
  12. Sunshine – The Gun
  13. Give Peace a Chance – Louis Armstrong
  14. The Lord Will Make a Way – Al Green
  15. The Great Beyond – R.E.M.
  16. Hold on Hope – Glen Campbell
  17. Save Me Jesus – Bobby Charles
  18. Mockingbird TimeThe Jayhawks

September Playlist

  1. Big Sky – The Kinks
  2. Song of a Baker – Screaming Trees
  3. Back to the Lake – Guided By Voices
  4. Enjoy the Silence – Nada Surf
  5. You Were So Warm – The Dwight Twilley Band
  6. Warm Self Sacrifice – Emitt Rhodes
  7. Strangers Getting Stranger – Dawes
  8. Maidstone – Squeeze
  9. I’ll Cry Alone – The Flamin’ Groovies
  10. I Found a Reason [demo] – The Velvet Underground
  11. Black Star – Gillian Welch
  12. The Death of You and Me – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
  13. My Mistakes Were Made For You – The Last Shadow Puppets
  14. You Put Something Better Inside Me – Rod Stewart
  15. Heavy Church – Three Dog Night
  16. A Quick One, While He’s Away [live]The Who
  17. The Postcard – Stephen Duffy
  18. Rainbow Connection – Willie Nelson

Noel Gallagher Brings it on Down to Pressure Pressure Pressure

Leave it to Noel Gallagher. The man is not only an open book, he’s an open page-turner. That is, interviews with the erstwhile Oasis songwriter are rarely boring – Noel was Russell Brand’s inspiration for the half-outrageous/half-outrageously wise Aldous Snow after all – and with his first solo album on the horizon, they’ve been easy […]

The Death of You and Me – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

The video for the first single from Noel’s forthcoming solo record hit the web this morning. Great song, somewhat in the vein of “The Importance of Being Idle,” and surprisingly baptismal clip:

Another Week Ends: Divorce Delusions, FNL, KJV, Natural Family Planning, Pastafarianism, Harry Potter and 30 Rock

1. New Mbird favorite Heather Havrilesky hit another home run in this past Sunday’s NY Times Magazine with her column “The Divorce Delusion,” in which she exposed the current sunny pop-climate about divorce for what it is, namely, delusional. Or at least very naive. She also took the opportunity to muse on the underlying narcissism: […]

What Noel Gallagher Is Not Supposed To Feel

It’s high time we reappraised Oasis’ fourth album, the grammatically suspect Standing on the Shoulder of Giants. When it was released in 2000, the expectations were astronomical. Oasis were still the biggest band in the (rest of the) world, but facing a crossroads. The question of how to follow-up the relative “failure” of Be Here […]

(Don’t) Take A Look At Me Now: Phil Collins Is Tired of Criticism

Poor Phil Collins appears to have been having a 2 Cor 3:6a moment in Rolling Stone, and it’s hard not to have compassion for (and maybe a little chuckle at) the guy, regardless of what you think of his music. He sounds like a defeated man, very much ready for 6b. Apparently Tyson’s drum solo […]