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Comfortable to Death: Confessions of an Un-Showered College Student

Like spaghetti and meatballs, comfort and rest go well together; they cannot, however, be served to you on a nice dinner plate. More fleeting and mysterious in nature, comfort and rest resist easy definition and therefore law. Yet even in contemporary Christianity, Sabbath (and by extension rest) remains touchy. So given that rest is good […]

Belated May Playlist

For the bbq after the pool party… 1. Leaving Here – The Who 2. Safe European Home – The Clash 3. Walls Come Tumbling Down – The Style Council 4. Escape From New York – Chris Mills 5. New Test Leper – R.E.M. 6. A New England – Billy Bragg 7. You Were Right – […]

Weds Afternoon Rock N Roll: When New Order Played Baywatch

In keeping with JAZ’s pool party mix, here’s one of the more surreal pairings of the last 20 years. New Order chose to stage their Top Of The Pops performance of “Regret” – one of my favorite songs of theirs – on the set of Baywatch. Hasselhoff himself makes an appearance, just before Peter Hook’s incredible bass solo:

February Playlist

A bit of an 80s/euro vibe this time around. With the notable exception of “Song For Him”, as far I know the only song Bob Seger ever wrote about Jesus. Which is ironic, considering that during the early 70s – i.e. the out-of-print Seger golden period – Bob rocked the Jesus-look harder than anyone (which […]