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A Review of Nadia Bolz-Weber’s Accidental Saints: Finding God in All the Wrong People

If Robert Farrar Capon and Joan Jett had a love child, I’m pretty sure she’d be something like Nadia Bolz-Weber. If you somehow haven’t heard of NBW yet, she’s the founding pastor of an Evangelical Lutheran Church called the House For All Saints and Sinners in Denver, Colorado. And she is bringing an entirely new […]

Another Week Ends: Biblical Counseling, Jennifer Lawrence, God Help the Girl, Volunteer Pallbearers, Sly Stone and The Nobodies

1. Over at The Pacific Standard, Kathryn Joyce provides a remarkably thorough look at “The Rise of Biblical Counseling”. It’s a crash course in both the history of conflicted Christian attitudes toward psychotherapy, and, unintentionally perhaps, how those attitudes are perceived by secular elites (i.e. with disdain and/or condescension). She surveys a field which runs the gamut from hardliners […]