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Another Week Ends: Homo Animatus and Adventure Time, Dreher Reads Dante, Eulogies (not Résumés), Smugness Is For Real, Everybody Dies, Nuremberg Chaplains, and Christian Rap

1. In TV: Game of Thrones continues with a strong fourth season, despite some controversy on Sunday as it plumbed the worst of Martin Luther’s incurvatus in se (sin as being “curved-in on oneself”) in a scene horrific even by GOT standards. In animated television, it’s recently come to our attention that Rick and Morty on Adult Swim is absolutely brilliant, […]

And the Least Shall Be the Greatest: Royal Résumés and Social Equality

This will be the first post of a short series exploring the theme of God’s particular preference for what seems small, crude, or inadequate by worldly criteria. Today, we look briefly at the account of David’s selection as king from 1 Samuel 9-16: After the Israelites first abandoned the notion of God as king of […]

Can Anything Good Come From Harvard? The (In)Auspicious Origins of Jeremy Lin

The Reformers, specifically Martin Luther, often talked about God working in unexpected ways. Luther called this work of God sub contrario, that is, “under the opposite.” God, in other words, is most often found working in the thing that looks the opposite of what we would expect. As evidence, we can look to Biblical stories […]

After Stanley

The Guardian has a poignant and terribly sad story about the wife of Stanley Kubrick, and her life after his death.  It touches on a lot we talk about here: suffering, death, funerals, family secrets, parents and children.  Even things like the Nazareth Principle.  And there are some lovely things you learn about them: like how […]

The Gospel According To Pixar: Anton Ego’s Conversion in Ratatouille

Another preview of our new publication The Gospel According To Pixar. The following represents a portion of the addendum to the talk on Ratatouille (2007) entitled “Passion, Purpose and Pest-Control.” Major spoilers ahead. Brad Bird’s Ratatouille is the story a rat named Remy who dreams of being a cook. And he gets that chance via […]

The Nazareth Principle – According To J. Kerouac (And The Atlantic)

This is pretty cool.

For the full post, go here.

Christmas with Kerouac: The Nazareth Principle

Some Monday morning surfing suggestions: 1. Head over to for a stirring report from my father on Jack Kerouac’s humble origins. [PZ has become a semi-regular contributor over there]. The first paragraph reads as follows: Our son Simeon says that faith is summed up in something he calls the “Nazareth principle”. This refers to […]