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Indiana Gaga and The Temple of Superstardom

Fantastic article by Neil Strauss about the relationship between faith and superstardom in last week’s Wall Street Journal, entitled “God at the Grammys: The Chosen Ones.” Among his interviewees are Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Christina Aguilera, and Aaron Rodgers, all of whom credit their success to some form of divine intervention. Not much needs […]

From The Onion: Fully Validated Kanye West Retires to Quiet Farm in Iowa

Ridiculously funny/insightful bit in today’s Onion about the dead-end of achievement-based identity formation: Following the widespread acclaim and media adulation over his latest album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, multimillion-selling recording artist Kanye West announced Wednesday that he had finally received the exact amount of approval he needed to attain and had therefore retired from […]