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Another Week Ends: Jackrabbit Madness, FOMO, Faith Like a Mumford, Radical Rhetoric, Alan Partridge and the Sitcom Smackdown

1)   If you are a sports fan, today is (arguably, I know) day two of the best four days in college sports every year. March Madness has begun, and Grantland is the place to be for the most hare-brained predictions and analyses—including a Charles Barkley shark jump and a Marshall Henderson moment only Marshall Henderson […]

More Mumford!

In light of the recent post on the Christian themes of Mumford & Sons’ music, this is a welcome surprise! The band, performing at a 2008 Communion/Christmas themed show, chose to add Come Thou Fount to their playlist. They even have good taste in Christian hymnody!
For more on the Gospel and the Mumford crew, check out the previous post on the subject.