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Another Week Ends: Blame Games, Law/Gospel Lunches, FOMO, Tom Wolfe, Lou Reed on Yeezus, Luther S3, and Middleton’s Law

Let the pinning commence – not sure what we were waiting for but Mbird is now on Pinterest! Pretty gratifying to see six year’s worth of visual silliness in one place. Also, pre-registration for our Fall Conference near Houston, TX opens next week, on August 1st. Theme this time will be “Overextended, Under God: Christian […]

An Alternate History of The Rolling Stones (November Playlist)

It turns out The Beach Boys aren’t the only band celebrating their golden anniversary this year. The Rolling Stones reached that landmark in 2012 as well. To commemorate, they’re playing some shows, releasing a new compilation, and have a new documentary coming to HBO on Nov 16th, Crossfire Hurricane. We thought we’d do our part […]

April Playlist

This one has it all: 1. Harmour Love – Syreeta with Stevie Wonder [Theme Song from Junebug] 2. Can’t Hardly Wait – Justin Townes Earle 3. To Live Is To Fly – Townes Van Zandt 4. It Never Rains In California – Albert Hammond [Sr.] 5. That Same Song – The Beach Boys 6. Make […]

The Stones Cry Out: Jagger Jumps for Joy

As Michael Jackson in the 90s, Dylan in the 80s, or post-Smiths/-Viva Hate Morrissey would attest, an unsung or widely defiled period of a great artist’s career can often hide some of their best work. Or at least, their most interesting. Free from the constraints of “relevance” (i.e. commercial pressure), they tend to produce more […]