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Coming Attractions

Here are seven movies being released on DVD in Jan/Feb (most of them on Jan 11 or 18). I haven’t seen them yet — but they all feel like home runs. Get Low. “A deft blend of dark humor and poignancy” and a huge standout from a MB perspective. Read this great Christianity Today interview […]

No Laughing Allowed

OK, to be honest, I am a movie/TV nerd, and everything I know about football comes from watching Friday Night Lights. If you actually threw a football at me I’d be more likely to duck than catch it. But I ran into this story over the weekend and would really love to hear what you […]

The Kayak and the Spaceship

“…how could someone as smart as Freeman Dyson be so dumb?” The cover story of the December Atlantic is the most fascinating essay I have read in a while — along with being funny, touching and just a delight in terms of sheer prose style. It touches on so many things that are of interest […]

The FBI and the Encyclopedians

Mike Godwin, author of Godwin’s Law, is a favorite at MB; and his name has been invoked on more than one thread here at this blog.  Who knew that he ended up as chief counsel for Wikipedia?!  I certainly didn’t, and was delighted to discover his name at the bottom of Wikipedia’s sardonic rejoinder to […]

Joel Osteen: Crazier Than We First Thought?

Proofs that can be derived from this video: 1) We always thought Joel Osteen interpreted the Bible wrong. Now we can rightly assume that he has simply never read it before (especially the New Testament). 2) If Joel Osteen is going to live under the law, at least he has the moxy to live under […]

An Interview with the Writers of LOST

A few MB-related highlights from a recent New York Times interview with LOST writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. If you are interested in the show at all, the interview is worth the full read. On their literary influences:“One of the things that we completely own is that in many ways “Lost” is a mash-up/remix […]

Morning Edition and the Gospel

Here is a story that was aired on NPR’s Morning Edition about two years ago. If you want to read the whole segment you can find it here. Julio Diaz has a daily routine. Every night, the 31-year-old social worker ends his hour-long subway commute to the Bronx one stop early, just so he can […]

Oscar Wilde… also bringing you the Gospel

Mockingbird talks a lot about movies and music. Much of the time though we can’t do the thing we really want to do — which is give you the whole song or movie. You know: click here and watch the whole thing now! But… there’s a whole lot of fiction, especially short stories, that are […]

The Year That Was (1999)

A couple weeks ago, Dave Zahl asked me to produce a list of my own favorite films of the last decade. And in trying to come up with it I kept having the following frustrating experience. I’d think “Well, I gotta include movie _________. I mean that was amazing! Wasn’t that done in 2000 or […]

This photo was taken at an institution for children with super extremely sensitive ear drums

Hat tip to our beloved Jeff Dean.

"A Good Song for Easter"

There are just some days when things just seem or are pretty bad. And then, almost out of the blue, someone–your husband–says, “Hey, you should listen to this Bill Mallonee song”–almost out of the blue…you are married to a Bill Mallonee Uber Fan. And you think, “I guess, I mean he says this all the […]