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Another Week Ends: Rich Exhibitionists, Public Potheads, Political (L)aw, Sons of Bill, Gamer Success, and Dissociative Pornography

1. For every voyeur, there’s an exhibitionist – and social media sites are no exception. We try to post the most enviable pictures of ourselves possible on Facebook or, at the very least, the most desirable. And others obsess over other people’s pictures, thinking, “If I could just be in that group of people, doing […]

Lenten Atheism and Agnostic Ignorance: Martin Amis Doesn’t Know (And Neither Do You?)

Our coverage of English atheism soldiers on! The tired beast gained a new stripe this past week in The Observer, where writer Martin Amis saluted his good friend and colleague Christopher Hitchens. What could have simply been affectionate/witty hagiography takes an interesting turn at the end, when Amis confronts Hitchens’ non-belief, ht SMZ: My dear […]