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Another Week Begins: The Science of Free Will, Pixar News, Emergent(cy), FNL and Willow

1. An absolutely fascinating write-up from Jesse Bering over at Scientific American of the recent ‘free will’-related research, charmingly titled “Scientists Say Free Will Probably Doesn’t Exist, but Urge ‘Don’t Stop Believing!’”. Stay away if you have an allergy to Hitler-based arguments… Perhaps the most ground-breaking finding is (ht BZ): “when people believe—or are led […]

Who Would Jesus Smack Down?

This past Sunday, the New York Times Magazine ran an article by Molly Worthen about pastor Mark Driscoll and his Mars Hill church out in Seattle entitled “Who Would Jesus Smack Down?”. It’s a long feature, and raises a lot of interesting points, focusing mainly on the resurgence of Calvinism in America and the reaction […]