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Another Week Ends: the Cross of Christ, Not Giving Advice, Temptation, Jean Vanier, Pixar’s Onward, the Dating Market, and Reclaiming Moral Language

1. As we enter into Lent, Fred Sanders has a wonderful reflection on the centrality of Jesus’ crucifixion, arguing “The Cross Changes Everything.” Whether from the Apostle Paul, Charles Wesley, or the Apostle’s Creed, the salvation wrought by Jesus at Calvary is a refrain worth repeating again and again. The centrality of the Cross changes […]

Mockingbird At The Movies: The Fighter

David Russell, the auteur behind I Heart Huckabees (say what you will!) and Three Kings, obviously has a thing for Mark Wahlberg. I was never a huge fan of the guy, but watching his interview on “Top Gear” recently and viewing The Fighter has made a believer out of me—in all kinds of ways. He’s […]