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Birthday Party Panic and The New Puritanism

Talk about a lob over the plate. The New Republic posted a piece last week by Mark Oppenheimer entitled “The New Puritans: When Did Liberals Become So Uptight?” in which the NY Times columnist laments the rise of progressive piety–and the attendant anxiety–that one finds in blue-state circles these days. It’s an especially cogent summary […]

Another Week Ends: Divorce Delusions, FNL, KJV, Natural Family Planning, Pastafarianism, Harry Potter and 30 Rock

1. New Mbird favorite Heather Havrilesky hit another home run in this past Sunday’s NY Times Magazine with her column “The Divorce Delusion,” in which she exposed the current sunny pop-climate about divorce for what it is, namely, delusional. Or at least very naive. She also took the opportunity to muse on the underlying narcissism: […]

Suffering and Redemption in the Church of Oprah

Having only caught glimpses of the Oprah finale, I’m not really qualified to comment at much length. Numerous accounts have assured me, however, that the show boasted a surprising amount – even for Oprah – of religious references and allusions, more than a handful of which were explicitly Christian. For example, when asked about the […]

Snobby Snobs and Their Snobbish Snobbery

A lengthy and very absorbing look at the subject of snobbery by Mark Oppenheimer over at Slate, “The Unholy Pleasure: My Life-Long Recovery From Snobbery.” Oppenheimer gives his own “testimony” in regard to the subject, shedding light on a number of the contradictions at the core of the issue. The article functions as a timely […]