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Nick Cave on Why Most Love Songs Are Hate Songs

Dr. Cave, again, in vivid form, tells us about love. This time he delves into literary philosophy of Lorca, and the term “duende,” which means the power of spontaneity, the language of the heart, and also the Portuguese term “saudade,” which is a deep, rooted longing for something/someone that is absent. In thinking of rock’n’roll […]

Nick Cave on Why the Love Song Must Be Sad

I’m finally converted to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. I don’t think it was this 1999 Vienna lecture that did it, though it certainly helped. It was The Boatman’s Call, which a friend lent me, that then opened the door to the man’s darkness, and allowed me then to enjoy Abbatoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus, […]

Love Song, by Sara Bareilles

This Valentine’s Day post comes courtesy of my wife, Kelly. For complete lyrics go here. “Love Song”, written by Sara Bareilles, is commonly mistaken for an angry love song about a demanding ex-boyfriend. This is not so. It is, instead, the product of her record label wanting her to change her image and write a […]