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The Shelf Life of Athletic Grace

The Los Angeles Lakers get what they want. Period. Numerous franchises have flared up throughout NBA history in a prestigious Cinderella-like supernova only to, just as quickly, burn out. Since moving to the City of Angels from Minnesota, the Lakers have certainly been one of the association’s few spoiled evil stepsisters. As an Orlando Magic […]

When Is a Three Point Shot a Declaration of Independence?

Only one game after controversially benching Kobe Bryant during a key fourth-quarter stretch, Lakers head coach Mike Brown felt forced to do something similar with All-Star center Andrew Bynum on Tuesday. Bynum, a seven-footer who has taken eight three-pointers in his entire NBA career, took an ill-advised (and let’s be honest…all Bynum outside shots are […]

Birdman Crashes… and Takes Flight

Here at Mockingbird we talk a lot about Law & Gospel, death & resurrection, about how God is constantly putting to death and raising to new life, how He is active in and through suffering and grace. I was reminded once more of the power and truth of this paradigm by a story in today’s […]