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What’s Your Starbucks Story?

If the Stories of my Coworkers are Remarkable at all, It Is for their Honesty.

Faith, Love, and Boring Narratives: “I’m All Your’n”

“There Ain’t Two Ways Around It / There Ain’t No Trying ‘Bout It”

Identity Narratives from the Bathroom Floor

If you’ve never seen The Bachelor (though chances are you probably have), then you’ve missed some of reality TV’s best attempts to turn real people into caricatures. Whether it’s the intention of the contestant, the careful edits of the producers, or a combination of both, every person who steps out of the limo has a cohesive […]

Deconstructing the Story of Your Life

A very interesting article on Aeon this week about “The Dangerous Idea that Your Life Is a Story.” Written by Galen Strawson, the article questions the assumption that humans do (or even should) frame their lives in the trajectory of a plot line. Strawson surveys the very popular history of this idea in psychology, called Narrativism, and […]