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Another Week Ends: Yancey on AA, Whit Stillman, Dawn Treader and Ron Swanson

1. A great little interview with evangelical author Philip Yancey on CNN about his new book What Good Is God?, in which he responds to one of our all-time favorite questions, i.e: What can churches learn from AA? Yancey: Two lessons stand out sharply to me: radical honesty and radical dependence. Alcoholics Anonymous members can […]

Another Week Ends: American Dreams, Van Halen, Hereditary Sin, Netflix, Control Freaks & Hipsters

1. Old news by now, but David Brooks’ editorial about “The Gospel of Wealth” had some interesting tidbits about the intersection of affluence and Christianity in America, highlighting the efforts of one pastor in Birmingham, AL: The tension between good and plenty, God and mammon, became the central tension in American life, propelling ferocious energies […]

Lady And The Tramp and The Last Days Of Disco

I’ve posted a transcription of this before, but it’s so much better on screen:

For our interview with writer-director Whit Stillman, go here.  To purchase the DVD of The Last Days Of Disco (highly, highly recommended), go here.