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Another Week Ends: Un-Free Shoppers, Artists, Procrastinators, Middle Class Ambitions, Celebrity Spectacles, Keanu Talks Bill and Ted Three

1. Good news for the procrastinators out there. The Wall Street Journal published “How To Be A Better Procrastinator” this week, which analyzes when and why procrastinators procrastinate–and, surprise suprise–it has a lot to do with judgment and perfectionism. Normalizing its symptoms, the article gives some gracious comfort to those who have always looked at […]

Mockingbird at the Movies: Welcome to the Rileys (RIP James Gandolfini)

Amidst all the well-deserved hubbub surrounding Blue Valentine in 2010, another long-gestating, emotionally excoriating indie drama got lost. Namely, Welcome to the Rileys. The two films almost work as companion pieces. Instead of chronicling the collapse of a marriage, as Blue Valentine does, Welcome to the Rileys depicts the rebirth of one – arguably the […]