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No Success Like Failure?

I remember a couple of years ago someone protesting against something we had written, suggesting that “not everything in life can be boiled down to man’s struggle with success or failure.” While one could certainly see where such a rejoinder might come from–Lord knows we are no less immune to projecting a comfortable schema on […]

The End Is the Beginning Is the End, Part III: The Trellis of the Mind

The End Is the Beginning We are all familiar with fictions in which the desire for consolation puts the beginning and middle “under the shadow of the end.”  In fact, we all write numerous such fictions, many of them daily: think of every argument that takes place in your mind, how the end is determined, […]

The End Is the Beginning Is the End, Part II: Writing Backwards

Where the Imperfections of Memory Meet the Inadequacies of Documentation The story of Adrian’s suicide begins with a girl.  In college, Tony dates a sharp and judgmental girl named Veronica, who will not allow Tony to “go all the way.”  The relationship includes a weekend trip home to Veronica’s condescending family, where Tony hears, and […]

The End Is the Beginning Is the End, Part I: A Review of Julian Barnes’ “The Sense of an Ending”

There are a million reasons to read Julian Barnes’ novella The Sense of an Ending, but I can think of only one reason not to: you have special disdain for the delicacy of language struck by a fine author operating with prodigious grace at the height of his powers.  Yes, that annoys me, too.  And, […]