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Another Week Ends: Little League Love, Excellent Sheep, Normal Thoughts, Memoir Distance, Lees of Memory, Leftovers and TMNT

1. First off, grab the kleenbox box because here’s a beautiful instance of grace in practice. It comes to us from little league coach Dave Belisle, whose Cumberland American team (Rhode Island) lost the Little League World Series championship game to Chicago’s Jackie Robinson West this past week. In their moment of defeat, Coach Belisle […]

Lighting the Way Through the Valley of Dying Stars: The Ballad of John Davis and Superdrag

Continuing with our series of notable rock star breakdowns/conversions… It was one of those priceless record store moments that the Internet has made so obsolete. Late 2000 and I was doing what I did every Tuesday in college: browsing the new releases at Olson’s in DC (now closed). “You’ll swear you’re hearing Carl Wilson (of […]

The Smoking Popes Know You Love Them

At their final concert in 1998, Smoking Popes’ lead singer and songwriter Josh Caterer introduced their single “I Know You Love Me” with the following words [paraphrasing]: “This is my favorite Smoking Popes song because it is about my relationship with Jesus.” Thud. It was an auspicious end to a group that had long outgrown […]