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“It’s a Nice Day for a Run” and Other Strange Things to Say: Some Thoughts on Our Pursuit of Pain

It was the closest thing to hell I’ve experienced: my whole body hurt. A dull buzz in my feet, knees, and head: a red-hot pain emanating outward, into my neck, arms, down my back. I sat down. I stood up. I walked in aimless circles, drank water. Nothing helped. After running along the James River, […]

Patty Berglund Breaks Down (Twice)

The third inner-crisis moment in our series happens to be the first of several that Patty Berglund, wife of Walter and mother of Joey, undergoes in Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom: “Due perhaps to the nicotine, she spent the entire night sleeplessly replaying the evening in her head, trying to do as [her soon-to-be husband Walter’s best […]

Walter Berglund Breaks Down

The second in a series of three stirring crisis moments in Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom. This one occurs just after activist/father/married man Walter Berglund has confessed his love for his much younger assistant Lalitha (and she for him). A fiercely principled man, the moment of weakness is the long-time-coming chink in the armor of self-righteousness and […]