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Book Review: The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller

Two things led me to pick up Tim Keller’s new book on marriage, both of which were pressing. The first: I needed a “marriage book” for Pastoral Care class at seminary. The second: I had an engagement ring burning a hole in my pocket, and it was gonna be there for another week before I could […]

Attitudes of Gratitude and the Most Psychologically Correct Holiday

John Tierney, co-author of Willpower, published a column in The NY Times which begins with the declaration that the most “psychologically correct holiday is upon us.” As much as I love Christmas, and as much as the spiritual/religious significance of Easter dwarves all its cousins, I can’t help but agree with him about Thanksgiving here. […]

Part of the Machine Itself: Steven Pinker on Willpower

If you find yourself “fatigued” by all our recent talk of ego depletion – the discovery that self-control essentially functions like a muscle – I don’t blame you. The reason for all the hubbub is the release of Roy Baumeister and John Tierney’s book, Willpower, which renowned Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker reviewed in this past […]

Understanding Decision Fatigue: Dieting, Shopping, Poverty and Willpower

A veritable goldmine of relevant material in John Tierney’s “Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue?” in The NY Times Magazine this past week. We’ve written about “ego depletion” a number of times before – the verified psychological phenomenon of self-control being a depletable resource – but Tierney does a fine job of drawing out the […]

All Who Wander Are, um, Lost

When it comes to impossible commands, indeed commands which by definition backfire, “seize the day” is right up there with “don’t worry”. Meaning, if we’re able to get beyond the immediate (and at this point pretty hackneyed) Dead Poets associations, telling someone to “seize the day” rarely inspires them to do so. More often than […]