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A Hope for Thanksgiving: Assigning Grace Instead of Malice 

I was in late elementary school the first time I heard someone use a racial slur in my house. This was quite a feat in Mississippi where such a word was common parlance. My parents had never really commented about why we did not say it. I just knew that we did not say it. […]

Dancing Pandas and The Search for Everything

“And that’s how John Mayer ended up with dancing pandas.” It’s not every day that one reads such a sentence in a New York Times piece, but when it comes to John Mayer, is anyone really surprised? Mayer has made quite the reputation for himself, not only as a talented musician but as a man […]

The (Quasi-)Confessions of Charlie Sheen and John Mayer

A pair of notorious lotharios have been in the news recently: Charlie Sheen in anticipation of the launch of his new sitcom, the provocatively titled Anger Management, and John Mayer, to promote his new record, Born and Raised. Not surprisingly, both men are being asked to account for their past sins, Sheen for his bizarre […]