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Never the Same Twice: Grace and the (Divinely) Inspired World of Jazz

“I’m Not Supposed To Be Playing, The Music Is Supposed To Be Playing Me.”

The Man Who Ate with Capon

Robert Farrar Capon is dead. That means, by necessity, he is now a finite resource post September 5th, 2013. I had read a little of him previous to that date, heard him referenced and quoted by people I respected. His death prompted, as things like that often do, a serious search for his books, many […]

In Gratitude of A Love Supreme

I recently read Tim Keller’s book on work, Every Good Endeavor. One of the most important takeaways for me was learning more about John Coltrane, who is the inspiration for Keller’s title. Keller quotes the original liner notes to Coltrane’s most famous album, A Love Supreme, which use the words “every good endeavor.” This week […]