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All Suffering Great and Small: What Jeff Tweedy Learned in Rehab

Several of the people I know who are thinking about seeing a therapist seem to be hung up on the idea that they haven’t suffered enough compared to other people. There’s the notion that, somehow, the depression they’re experiencing is discrediting someone else’s more legitimate depression. Meanwhile, it seems whenever people vent about some universal struggle […]

There Is A Valley: Old Age, Creativity, and the Return of Bill Fay

Here’s an Ash Wednesday appropriate portion of A Mess of Help, taken from the final chapter, “Sing Mockingbird Sing: The Alpha and Omega of Annotated Playlists”. This is track 18 of 20. You can listen to the entire playlist here. I am sure I’m not the only one whose ears perked up during the scene […]

Another Week Ends: Startup Cities, Dangerous Perfectionism, Marilynne Robinson, Self-Satisfied Commissars, Subconscious Songwriting, and Cosmopolitan Hope

Before we get going, the Houston Conference is almost here!! While we never turn anyone away–last minute walk-ins more than welcome–we need to know by Monday morning (10/13) if you are planning/hoping to dine with us. You can either pre-register on the site (through Tuesday at midnight), or send us an email at so […]

Another Week Ends: Brooks on Empathy, more Quiet Beatle, American Commandments, Kaling on Chick Flicks, Meth to Master, Pre-Marital Hanky Panky, Psycho Congress, Tweedy & Ryan Adams

1. David Brooks continues with his one-man campaign for a more realistic conception of human nature, and the implications it might have on ethical behavior, in his new column, “The Limits of Empathy.” This time he focuses on the question of motivation, exploring how easily/frequently something as ‘good’ as empathy is subordinated to self-interest (and laziness), ht […]

Tuesday Afternoon Music: Mavis, Tweedy, Belle… and Sebastian

A few clips to enliven your Tuesday (Mavis’ comment about “the devil’s music” is priceless!): The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Mavis Staples & Jeff Tweedy<a> Colbert Report Full Episodes 2010 Election March to Keep Fear Alive The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Mavis Staples & Jeff Tweedy […]

Only The Lord Knows, and He Ain’t You – Mavis Staples at Lollapalooza

At Lollapalooza in August, Mavis singing “Only The Lord Knows”, one of two Jeff Tweedy-penned tracks from her new record You Are Not Alone (out today! $7.99 on amazon), with a fabulous intro of “Wonderful Savior”:

While we’re at it, an acoustic version of the stunning title track, the other Tweedy-penned song on the record:

Mavis Staples and Jeff Tweedy

I’m liking this new trend of trailers for albums and books, and this one is no exception. The single “You Are Not Alone” is available for download at iTunes and is highly recommended:

Another Week Ends: Interfaith Marriages, Mavis Staples & Jeff Tweedy, Bible Study Etiquette, FNL, Cage Fighting

1. Speaking of love and marriage (see below), The Washington Post ran a very interesting article earlier this week entitled “Love Conquers All. Except Religion” charting the rise and tragically frequent fall of interfaith marriages. Apparently Jewish-Christian marriages are most precarious, with Catholic-Evangelical not too far behind. Surprisingly, there’s only a passing mention of Atheist/Agnostic-Christian […]

Wilco Will Love You, Baby

Some of us got to see Wilco play at Coney Island last night. I’m happy to report that they remain one of the best live acts out there, with more than a little jaw-dropping virtuosity, inventive heart-on-your-sleeve songwriting and, yes, genuine showmanship. They connect! The new material came off well, and they kept the noodling […]

Another Week Ends: Wilco, Happiness, Evangelicalism, LOST, Dr. Spaceman

1. Wilco’s new record, Wilco (The Album), leaked earlier this week, prompting the band to stream it on their site for free. A serious review would be premature, but I will say that upon my initial listen, the songs strike me as stronger than those on Sky Blue Sky and the production a bit tighter. […]

Jeff Tweedy Singing Songs of Fear and Hope

I can’t think of any song, sacred or otherwise, that sums up my feelings about Jesus better than “Reservations” by Wilco. Though the song isn’t actually about Jesus, I’ve always wondered what its writer, Jeff Tweedy, makes of Christianity. That he’s interested in it is undeniable. I even remember reading an interview where he admitted […]