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Eleven Or So Entertainments Worth Looking Forward To This Year

As snow continues to pound the East Coast and seasonal affective disorder hits full stride, I thought we could all use a reminder of what the rest of 2011 promises, pop culture-wise: 1. Damsels in Distress. Hallelujah, hallelujah, a new Whit Stillman film at last! If this were the only thing happening this year, it’d […]

Lifting Up Jeff Lynne, ELO and the Wilbury Sound

There haven’t been any books written about Jeff Lynne yet, but there will be. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) was sublime and would certainly be enough to qualify him as hagiography-worthy. What separates Jeff from many of the pop musicians of his generation, however, is the extremely potent second wind he caught in the late 1980s. […]

Five Best ELO Albums

I’m embarrassed to admit that until quite recently, the only Electric Light Orchestra song I knew was “Mr Blue Sky”, a.k.a. the song from that VW commercial a couple years ago. Boy, was I missing out! They have got to be one of the most underrated bands of all time. After some serious thought, I’ve decided that their five best records are:

1. Eldorado
2. Out Of The Blue
3. Time [Their 1981 concept album about time travel which has aged(!) surprisingly well… My current obsession.]
4. Discovery
5. A New World Record

Do yourself a favor!

Grace, Spontaneity, and The Traveling Wilburys

In the late 1980s, a rock n roll miracle occurred. George Harrison was asked by his label to record a b-side for one of the singles from his big comeback album, Cloud Nine. Through an incredible set of circumstances, he and his producer, Jeff Lynne (of ELO fame), found themselves in the studio with Bob […]