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Another Week Ends: Lenten Anthropology Meets Carl Rogers, New Community, Charlie Kaufman, Oscars Morality, Auden (Again), and Katims on Crying

1) A particularly Lenten roundup this week, starting with this very beautiful, concise reflection from Will Willimon over at OnFaith, called “Good News! You’re a Sinner and Lent Is Here,” which deals primarily with the deep relief that comes in knowing yourself as a sinner. (Reminds us a little of someone we get to meet […]

On TV: Why I Like this Show So Much? It’s With You

Last TV season I created something of a niche here on Mbird with commentary on NBC’s Parenthood. Although I am excited one of my favorite programs was renewed (after some doubts), I’ve been admittedly uninspired to write on the new season until now. And unlike most posts on current TV programs, this one has no […]

Another Week Ends: Abercrombie’s Hot People, The Neverending “Me Me Me” Era, George Jones’ “Choices,” Katharine Welby, New TV, and New Vampire Weekend

1) The Atlantic provided an insightful zinger to the finger-waggers of today’s adultescent. Looking at today’s young people, of whom I am one—blogging away, shoes off—the piece is a response to the recent cover article of Time magazine, “The Me Me Me Generation.” The Time piece is a backhanded spotlight on the millennials, a heat-ray […]

In Praise of Adam Braverman: Parenthood and the Advent of the Non-Doofus Dad

A few weeks ago, just before the Fall TV season started, several news outlets published articles decrying the number of new shows that were showcasing the same thing: male doofusry. Emasculated, unemployed, clueless and/or sequestered behind walls of Draper-inspired misogyny or nostalgia, the American male did not appear to be doing so well, at least […]

The Pastoral Ministry of Coach Eric Taylor

A belated but no less heartfelt bravo to Jason Katims and Kyle Chandler who won long overdue awards for their work in Friday Night Lights at the 2011 Emmy’s. And what better way to mark the occasion than to recall one of our favorite Coach Taylor moments? This one comes in Season 4 Episode 5– […]

Twelve Pieces Of Pop Culture Worth Looking Forward To This Fall

With the most important arrival finally here, it’s time to turn our attention to the lights on this Fall’s pop culture horizon. In no particular order, the non-goes-without-saying items (i.e. no FNL, Harry Potter or Mavis Staples) that this blogger is most looking forward over the next three months are: 1. Monsters (Oct 29th). Lots […]