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Checking in with Game of Thrones (Season 6 Finale Edition)

Into the interregnum – spoilers abound. (Click here to listen to a special GoT episode of The Mockingcast, in which a few of us try to make sense of the religious elements of the show/books.) Cersei Lannister, first of her name: married to King Robert Baratheon in the wake of Robert’s Rebellion. Bereaved of Robert in […]

Another Week Ends: Blinded with Science, Stumped by Meaning After God, Paralyzed by the Law of Ice and Fire, Outmaneuvered by a Cheeseburger and Oversimplified by Gallup

1. Aquinas followed Aristotle in claiming the end (telos, purpose) of biology is medicine. Science has long been a technical discipline designed primarily to promote human flourishing / well-being. Of course, it was always contemplative to a degree, satisfying curiosity or even, as Aquinas also notes, teaching us about God. The study of creation reflects upon the Creator. One […]

On TV: Checking in with Game of Thrones

1. Rolling Stone yesterday published previously unreleased GRRM material, editorial outtakes from an interview with Martin from last week. Among other great material, this gem on low anthropology, followed by a great redemption quote from the published interview, ht AOC: On the show’s ambiguous line between good and evil: We see a moral evolution, perhaps, on the […]