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Andy Bernard to Give Graduation Speech at Cornell University … Ever Heard of It?

It has been a Mockingbird tradition to highlight worthy graduation speeches amidst the vast sea of snoozers. As the spring commencement season approaches, I want to point out that Ed Helms, the actor who played Andy Bernard on The Office, will be giving a speech at Cornell University’s graduation on May 24. This is noteworthy […]

Another Week Ends: A-n-x-i-e-t-y, Assurance, and the Post-Apocalypse

1) As if teenage parenting isn’t hard enough, Huffpost’s recent, “What Really Happens on a Teen Girl’s Smartphone” uncovers a whole new world of social cues for teens to follow in the digital age. It’s more than the simple “Thou Shalt Have an iPhone,” though that’s certainly part of it. It’s a life lived for […]

You Are All Going to Die: Joss Whedon Speaks at Wesleyan

This just came up on Browbeat, and I’m not going to say Whedon tops Colbert or Rowling or Foster Wallace, he doesn’t. But, again, his knack for speaking candidly (does he ever even look down?) on conflicted selfhood, in a 13-minute speech, beginning with a Robert Frost-Bill Cosby joke, and the line: “You are all […]

No More Winning: Stephen Colbert on Love, Service, and Improv

We’ve gotten a lot of mileage over the years from graduation speeches. Perhaps because they tend to be so long on law and short on grace–i.e. full of exhortation rather than comfort–that when they’re good, they really stand out. Among our favorite “anti-commencement addresses” would have to be those by Bill Watterson, JK Rowling, Conan […]