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Superhero Undergraduates and the Culture of Overachievement

From a rather frightening article in the recent Harvard Alumni Magazine entitled “Nonstop: Today’s Undergraduates Do 3,000 Things At 150 Percent”. We talk a lot on this site about the perils/realities of achievement-based identity (justification by works), yet after reading this article, one honestly wonders how much further we as Americans can take it. While […]

Another Week Ends: ABA, Funerals, Goldman Sachs, Elephant Jokes, 30 Rock and Wilco

1. A stunning and sad cover story in this month’s Journal of the American Bar Association, entitled “A Death in the Office,” which reports on the recent suicide of 59 year-old attorney Mark Levy. By all accounts a passionate, “relentlessly upbeat” and highly successful appellate lawyer, his death came a week after learning that he […]