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A Tribe Called Us: The Grace of Relationships in a World of Critics

Few things are certain in this world, but there is this: however critics feel about a movie, I will almost certainly disagree. There have been rare exceptions; the triteness of He’s Just Not That Into You, for example, pissed a lot of us off. Usually, however, I can be counted on as a contrarian. Such was the […]

A Story of the Unexpected: “Just What I Wanted” from This American Life

This American Life’s recent Christmas episode, about gifts, told stories of mostly bad news: two of the three segments were about characters realizing that the thing they most wanted was bankrupt of what they actually needed. They were about expectations and disappointments, about human longing and our tendency to put our faith in the wrong things. The first segment, however–the […]

Grace and Gilmores

About ten years ago, I was half of a decade into my happy marriage and about the same amount of time into my less-than-happy career. I was driving at least two hours every day to commute to a job that made me miserable. I wanted a different job, and I wanted to be a mom, […]