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A Sentence – Julia Hartwig

I depend on the sentence On a stop that seeks form
as orderly and modest as everyday speech
Everything in me awaits the moment when a shape
encloses the shapelessness where it was suspended
I suffer gently but persistently the pain of uncertainty
the dissolution of feelings and thoughts in which I live
as in a diluted space

It doesn’t hinder me from admiring the linden branches
spread wide behind the window the screech of a magpie
annoying and blessed because it exists
it doesn’t hinder me from taking in the heat
of this dry and tragic summer
But a sentence a reliable sentence
restores under my feet the firm earth

March Playlist

Last music-related post for a while, I promise: 1. Blast Off! – Rivers Cuomo2. Distant Dreamer – Duffy3. Nothing To Hide – Tommy James4. Waving Flags – British Sea Power5. Cancel Everything – Ron Wood6. Idle Hands – The Gutter Twins7. Last Train To London – ELO8. Killing The Blues – Robert Plant and Alison […]