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Exorcisms, Jesus, and Modernity

You’ve probably never met a demon, at least not face-to-face. And so far as I know, neither have I. Jesus, by contrast, met them all the time—he even chatted with them a bit on some occasions. The disciples often do much of the same, both during and after Jesus’ ministry. The idea that demons are […]

Another Week Ends: A Peaceful Prison, Accidental Killers, Walking Report Cards, Nihilist Dads, Sin and Mental Health, and a Lot of Exorcisms

1. We’ve all been there. Exhausted from the daily grind… Overwhelmed by expectations from work and family and social commitments… Needing the peace and quiet of a nice, structured jail cell… Wait, what? Our first story this week (ht CB) tells of a mock prison where ‘inmates’ pay $90 to spend 24 hours in solitary confinement, […]