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What If My Whole Life Has Been Wrong?

A stirring face-off with existential dread, by Eric Youngblood: An unopened bill still must be paid. I suspect we have all realized it to be so. Even though your mortgage statement sits stacked and unexamined on top of bills from the water company, Chase Manhattan Bank, and Comcast, none of them can go untended to […]

“Children Today Are Tyrants” (Or, God’s Grace to Me)

This post comes to us from Eric Youngblood.  Children today are tyrants. They contradict their parents, gobble their food, and tyrannize their teachers. Do you live with anyone like that? Are the neighbor kids worthy of some iteration of Socrates’ description above? The ones in your den who bear so much resemblance to a younger you? […]

Lost Sunglasses and the World’s Last Night

This one comes from our friend Eric Youngblood. I lost my sunglasses. They were serving their vocation as shields to my eyes at a baseball game. But eventually the sun retired for the day, relinquishing its post to the moon. The polarized lenses–affording me the pleasures of squint-less visibility and protection from ultra-violet ocular violence–suddenly […]

Sickness, Millennials, and Stunning Nuptial Tethering

This post comes to us from Chattanoogan essayist, Eric Youngblood. Poor millennials. Ain’t nobody love ‘em. 18-34 year-old narcissists. Self-absorbed. Motivated by excessive self-regard. Lacking in motivation. Devoid of commitment. Absent of toughness. Unconcerned with institutional loyalty, unaware of others….an entire sociological tribe characterized by its deficits. They got too many trophies for no good reason. […]