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Another Week Ends: Impoverished Wills, more Filter Bubbles, Tree of Life, Super 8, True Selves, Bobby Fischer

1. Fascinating article in The New Republic by Jamie Holmes entitled “Why Can’t More Poor People Escape Poverty?,” looking at the world through the lens of ego depletion, that is, the theory that we have a finite amount of willpower/self-control, and the more we use it, the less we have. “Willpower can be understood as […]

The Death and Resurrection of Paul McCartney (in the 90s)

All this talk of the Lennon/McCartney partnership has me listening to solo McCartney again. You know, to stack it up against Lennon’s stuff… And I’m curiously drawn to Paul’s late 80s/early 90s period, when he was sporting that awful mullet and the very un-rocknroll tshirt-and-vest look. After the massively underrated McCartney II, and apart from […]

God Give Me Strength: The Latter Day Ballads of Elvis Costello

Few people are willing to swallow the whole loaf when it comes to Elvis Costello. The man has simply had too many distinct phases, stylistic shifts, etc. If you like his early ‘revenge and guilt’ output, you might have a hard time appreciating his classical forays. Or you dig the blue-eyed soul of Get Happy!, […]

Belated March Playlist

1. Wake Up (acoustic) – Arcade Fire 2. You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone – The Beach Boys 3. Breakdown – GNR 4. Back in ’72 – Bob Seger 5. Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now – The Smiths 6. Miracle Cure – Blank + Jones feat. Bernard Sumner 7. Give Some Love […]

Belated October Playlist

A little late but oh so worth it: 1. Christ For President – Wilco 2. Furr – Blitzen Trapper 3. Keep The Customer Satisfied – Simon and Garfunkel 4. Looking For My Life – George Harrison 5. Weight Of The World – Ringo Starr 6. Lost In A Memory – Del Shannon (and The Traveling […]

More on the Wall Street Deregulation Debate…

Subtitle: Lack of control drives people to demand more of the law.

From a WSJ editorial discussing the blame game calls for more regulation following the breakdown of the financial system:

So why blame deregulation and small government? The social psychologist Gustav Jahoda says that unreasonable beliefs often arise in circumstances where people lack control and need to believe in something to get them through a highly stressful situation.

At this point, when people call for more regulation, they are believing that more law is the answer (a highly unreasonable belief indeed!).