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What Is News (And What Isn’t)

A lot of people were talking about Facebook last week. Besides Chewbacca Woman, its Trending News platform was, well, trending. Despite the fact that, in the epoch of FoxNews and HuffPo, news like this should never be news to anyone, the ‘news’ was leaked that Facebook uses hired editors over their algorithms to select which […]

Another Week Ends: Online Echo Chambers, Deathbed Regrets, Dylan at the Cross, MJ’s Bad, Singing Spiderman, Penmanship Psychology & Seinfeld

1. A couple of articles that follow-up on the filter bubble phenomenon we posted on last week, both from The NY Times. The first is an editorial by Eli Pariser, “When The Internet Thinks It Knows You” and the second a slightly broader look at the issue, “The Trouble With The Echo Chamber Online.” While […]

Filter Bubbles, Personalized Searches and Incurvatus In Se

An insightful TED talk from Eli Pariser discussing the dangerously subtle shift online (Facebook, Yahoo News, Google, etc) toward personalized web results. He’s essentially describing the automization of what theologians call incurvatus in se – a fancy way of referring to our inwardly curved nature, post-Fall. He touches on the differences between what we need […]