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The Post-Millenials, or Generation X at the End of the World

I do not read Revelation regularly. I’m scared of it. Not of the actual text, mind you — I’m scared of being overwhelmed by half-remembered theological positions and theories about eschatology. I’m skeptical that anything in the text is meant to be a prediction — thief in the night, etc. — but I’m neither biblically […]

Another Week Ends: Zeitgeistlichkeit, Atheist Religiosity, Freakonomic Fathers, Ralph Erskine, MJ, Devo’s Paradox, Hunger Games, Deep Blue Sea, and Hoarders

1. A pair of terrific book reviews have appeared in The NY Times over the last couple weeks, the first being Generation X author Douglas Coupland‘s inspiring riff on Hari Kunzu’s opus, Gods Without Men, and the exciting new genre it epitomizes (“Translit”). Ironically enough, he makes a number of Twitter-ready observations: [We are living […]

Unbelievable Identities and the Queasy Five Percent

A powerful excerpt from Mark Meynell’s book, Cross-Examined. I haven’t picked up a Coupland novel since All Families Are Psychotic, but Girlfriend in a Coma sounds like it might live up to its Mozzarific title, ht DK: The colossal number of ‘self-help’ books available today testifies to the fact that millions are dissatisfied. They yearn […]