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Another Week Ends: Unconscious Sin, the NBA Bubble, the Religion of Politics, Millennial Burnout, Scary Halloween Costumes, Sally Rooney, and Eddie Van Halen

1. First up, Peter Ormerod contributed a fantastic op-ed to the Guardian defending “unconscious bias training.” For those unfamiliar, many major institutions have begun programs aimed at combatting bias against race, sexuality, gender, etc., under the assumption that “some of our beliefs may be held so deeply that we are unaware of them.” As Ormerod […]

G. K. Minds His P’s and Q’s: Why Human Happiness Depends on Good Doctrine

I hate to admit it, but I am not a DIY person. In an age where there are countless instructional videos online to walk me through any number of household tasks, I, for the most part, tragically remain a get-someone-else-to-do-it person. Call it what you will — apathy, entitlement, laziness — but it is a […]

Experts and Engines: Ode to a ’99 Heep Cherokee

Having attended 3-4 different churches in my young adulthood (not proudly, and depending on how you define “church”), I’ve listened to a lot of sermons by a lot of preachers. In grasping for illustrations, many have attempted to make sin 3D by reminding congregants of their irrepressible desire for new stuff. Who doesn’t want a […]