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Obnoxious Grandmas and (Not) Aging in Style

In her memoir, Disaster Preparedness, mbird fave Heather Havrilesky tells winning story after winning story of her childhood, adolescence and adulthood with the same humor and insight (and a healthy dose of cynicism) that we’ve admired in her articles (for example, this and this, and also this). Disaster Preparedness is a terrific and engaging read, with just the […]

Rowan Williams on the Power and the Weakness

From his Tokens of Trust: An Introduction to the Christian Faith, an accessible, theologically grounded, and refreshing take on the ‘basics’ of Christianity: Yes, Jesus is a human being in whom God’s action is at work without interruption or impediment. But wait a moment: the Jesus we meet in the Gospels is someone who prays, who […]