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Another Week Ends: Decision Fatigue, Millennial Astrologists, an Inmate from Greenwich, the Phantom of Winnipeg, and the American Dream Value Menu

1. Headlining this week is a story from Vanity Fair about Chip Skowron, a hedge fund manager in Greenwich, CT who was indicted for insider trading and found himself facing prison time. What comes next is a story of grace if I’ve ever seen one, and one that continues to bear fruit (ht CB).  Like […]

Are We Really Who We Used To Be?

There’s an old cliche that gets trotted out at weddings. It’s not politically correct, but it always gets some laughs. “A woman marries a man hoping he’ll change and become the incredible husband she knows he can be–and then he doesn’t. And a man marries a woman hoping that she’ll always be the girl he […]

The Authenticity Hoax: Perpetual Coolhunts and the Law of Keeping It Real

Authenticity is a very rich vein. In fact, there may not be a richer one at this moment in our cultural milieu. It’s a buzz word, sure, but it’s a buzz word because it has become value numero uno for a certain type of post-Cobain, Generation Why mindset, and I would include myself in that […]

The Secret Cost of Getting Paid to Do What You Love: Self-Perception Theory and the Overjustification Effect

A few months ago, the man behind the invaluable You Are Not So Smart blog, David McRaney, put out a book of the same name (actually, the full title is You Are Not So Smart: Why You Have Too Many Friends on Facebook, Why Your Memory Is Mostly Fiction, and 46 Other Ways You’re Deluding […]

How to Outsmart Yourself: Predicting Procrastination and the War Inside Your Brain

A stellar article that’s been making the rounds recently is “On Procrastination” by David McRaney from the You Are Not So Smart blog (Tagline: “A Celebration of Self Delusion”!). We’ve talked about the Netflix queue phenomenon on here before as evidence of the disconnect, or discrepancy, between who we’d like to be and who we […]